The Challenge

The Survey House provides a range of specialist surveys to help property developers with their projects. They already had a one page website that generated leads via paid ads and they wanted a new website that aligned with their existing brand and delivered more leads at a lower cost per lead.

The Research Phase

The first stage of the redesign project was to carry out some research to find out what visitors thought about the current website. I already had plenty of useful information in Google Analytics but I wanted some qualitative data too so I installed some code on the thankyou page of the current website that asked the user to complete a short survey to tell me what they thought about the current website. I also used the incredibly use tool – Hotjar to allow me to see exactly what visitors were doing when they visited the website.

All of this data combined gave me some very useful insights and helped me decide what I needed to include on the new website, and which bits could be safely removed without having a negative effect on the conversion rate.

This is the design that I produced after taking all my research into consideration:


My user centred approach to the design of the new Survey House website was a great success. Not only were the business owners very happy with the design, but I was able to achieve a conversion rate increase of 16% and a 25% decrease in cost per lead. Optimisation on this website is ongoing and I am confident in more great improvements in the next few months.