Dr Waheed Arian

The Challenge

Dr Waheed Arian is the founder of an innovative and life saving charity – Arian Teleheal. He is also an international speaker and recipient of many awards including the Rotary International Peace Award 2018 and the UK Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award (2018). Dr Arian needed a website to help to promote his speaking events and to tell his inspiring story.

The Website Design

Dr Arian already had some visuals created by a branding agency so we had a logo and a colour scheme that the new website would need to stay in line with. I was also provided with the content for the website before the design took place.

I carried out a competitor analysis and began to sketch out ideas which led to wireframes of the key pages. Dr Arian liked the direction the website was taking so I began to bring the wireframes to life by creating some initial design concepts. After some revisions and changes to the website content, we arrived at a design which we felt displayed the key content Dr Arian wanted in a clear and simple fashion and provided a framework for promoting his future events.

Here are a couple of the key pages from the website:

Feedback from Dr Arian

It’s been great working with Dr Arian and helping him with his mission to spread his message and share his amazing story. This is what he said about working with me:

Our team and I had the great pleasure of working with Andy to develop the Dr Waheed Arian website from concept to fully launched and marketed product/service. Andy is exceptionally talented in design and execution of job to match the brand and marketing strategy. Andy is highly conversion focused and relies on research to produce the final product/service.

Andy conducts his work with great professionalism and passion. His friendly and extremely approachable personality makes him very likeable and easy to work with. Andy would go far beyond what you would expect from him. I highly recommend working with him individually and as a company.

Dr Waheed Arian