6 Pack Science is an online personal training service. Clients can sign up to get personalised diet and training programs with access to an expert coach to guide them through along the way. 6 Pack Science had been operating using only social media to recruit and support their clients so they wanted a website which matched their existing branding and helped to market their services and increase enquiries.

My Approach

After talking to 6 Pack Science and getting a thorough understanding of the services offered, I carried out a number of competitor reviews to see what these competitors were doing well, and where improvements could be made. After this, I sketched out some concepts and talked them over with 6 Pack Science.

There was a tight deadline for this project so I decided to start designing in the browser right away so that I could get a minimal viable product live as soon as possible. I worked closely with the client and we were able to get the first version of the website, which 6 Pack Science was very happy with up and running quickly.

Once the website was up and running I set up some surveys. When a client made an enquiry they were asked to fill in a quick survey about the website so that we could see where improvements may be needed. We also gathered feedback from various social media channels and used all of this information to tweak the website and make improvements.


The new website quickly became the main source of new enquiries for the business and it had great feedback from existing and new clients. The website become the ideal platform to allow the business to grow.

Once the single page website was proven to be successful, 6 Pack Science started planning on expanding the website with a resources section and an app that would allow clients to track their goals currently in the planning stage.