The Challenge

Shake that Weight already had a website used to sell their high quality meal replacement weight loss supplements but it was not performing as well as they hoped and with the business growing, Shake that Weight needed a more effective website to make the most out of the traffic being generated. Shake that Weight’s main goal was to increase the number of sales coming from the website.

My Approach

The approach I followed resulted in a 36% increase in goal completions.

Shake that Weight wanted results quickly. I gathered information from Google Analytics and various forms of client feedback that had already been gathered and carried out some ‘mystery shopping’ exercises to put myself in the shoes of the website visitor.

I was able to put together plenty of suggestions to improve the website based of these activities and presented the suggestions to Shake that Weight in form of wireframes. After discussing these and making some tweaks, I then got started developing a minimal viable product that we could test with real users. We launched the minimal viable product as quickly as possible and watched the results closely. We could see that the new website was out performing the old one already so I then spent the next few weeks developing the site more and adding features we left out of the first version.

This incremental approach meant that we could see results coming in quickly whilst gathering data to further improve the website over time. Over the next few months, we made plenty of changes based on new data we received and we carried out some A/B tests to try to improve the conversion rate even more. The approach I followed resulted in a 36% increase in goal completions.

Great Feedback

It was great working with Shake that Weight and it has been fantastic to watch their business grow over the years. I’ve really enjoyed helping them with their website and I’m very happy that the website has helped make a positive impact on their business. Matt from Shake that Weight said this after working with me:

Andy has supported me on many projects over the years. Being a very self-driven personality, I am able to hand over my thoughts on a task to him, knowing it will be completed not only on time but with every angle considered.

The last project he undertook for me was a new responsive web build. This was the first time we had a truly multi device platform and we saw an increase of 122% in mobile goal completions and a 36% increase in overall goals.

If you are looking for web partner as opposed to a typical outsourcer, then I highly recommend Andy. He will not only guide you in the right direction with expert advice and experience but he is always on hand to support you no matter what.

Matt Cooper – Marketing Director