Support & Consultation

When Coleg Cambria first approached me, they wanted some help with updating their current WordPress website which had grown to be fragmented and difficult to maintain. They also wanted me to take a look at the current setup to fix various bugs that had cropped up over time.

I fixed the issues the team were having with the website and tidied up the current theme, making the website easier to maintain and manage.

Coleg Cambria also asked me to build a number of microsites for various departments around the college, as well as the design and implementation of their internal staff Intranet.

User Research & Design

Coleg Cambria had the long term goal of creating a completely new website. I helped with the planning for this and carried out user research to help inform any decisions on the new design. I surveyed students, staff members and employers to find out how the current website was used. Then I developed a number of personas, carried out some competitor research and spent a lot of time in Google Analytics discovering opportunities for improvement.

All this information helped me develop some design concepts like the one you can see above that aimed to solve the main problems with the current website and make navigation and goal completions simpler.