Designing the Website

Arbtech offer a range of niche services which most website visitors would not have used before. This meant that it was important to explain the services offered clearly and simply. Improving the conversion rate of the website was also very important as a significant portion of Arbtech's business comes from the website. To help inform the design, I gathered user feedback using surveys, spent days looking through years of Google Analytics data and carried out AB tests using Visual Website Optimizer. This approach let to an increase in goal completions of just over 20%.

It was also important to Arbtech that they clearly explained how they were different to their competitors. Many of these differences are down to Arbtech's unique culture so the new design incorporated a detailed 'about us' page. The information about the Arbtech culture throughout the website aimed to allow visitors to know more about the company to help gain a sense of trust. It also has the added benefit of showing potential employees what it is like to work at Arbtech so that top talent can be recruited.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is not something I've done in detail for a number of years as I'm usually focused on web design and development but Arbtech needed a serious boost in the search engines and I was confident I could help. I went back to basics by changing the site architecture and adding keyword rich, high quality content to the main pages. These basic changes combined with some strong links built using white hat methods led to a 26% increase in organic traffic.