Designing the Website

Arbtech offer a range of niche services which most website visitors would not have used before. This meant that it was important to explain the services offered clearly and simply. Improving the conversion rate of the website was also very important as a significant portion of Arbtech’s business comes from the website.

To help inform the design, I gathered user feedback using surveys, spent days looking through years of Google Analytics data and carried out AB tests using Visual Website Optimizer. This approach led to a conversion rate increase of 75%.

Search Engine Optimisation

Arbtech needed a boost in organic rankings. Some of their main keywords had been hovering on the second or third page of on Google for years and getting them high on page one would provide a nice boost in traffic and conversions.

After some investigation into current issues with the website I made some changes to the site architecture which included consolidating various pieces of similar content into a single page of high quality, authoritative content and making some changes to the URL structure.

After a few months we could already see some of the main keywords performing much better. To help the rankings creep up further, I obtained a few high quality links by sharing our new and improved content with various influencers in the industry.

Search engine placements have improved a great deal. In the first year after making the changes, Arbtech’s organic traffic increased by nearly 50%.